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Frutarom Health

As a manufacturer of natural, science-based and high quality ingredients for healthy nutrition and tasty solutions, Frutarom Health provides effective ingredients that match the increasing consumer demand for natural and safe alternatives to support health.

Taken together, Frutarom Health’s regulatory, application and formulation support, along with our proprietary science, comprehensive market knowledge and global capabilities, place us in the top tier of companies ready to help you, our customer, gain a competitive edge in a dynamic health landscape.


Plant Branded

Quality, branded plant ingredients with proprietary science


Plant Standard

Standardized plant extracts from select sources



Minerals, vitamins, marine and other unique ingredients



Pharma-grade herbal extracts


Health Benefits

Bone & Joint Health
Cardiovascular Health
Cognitive Health
Digestive Health
Immune Health
Slimming & Detox
Urinary Health

Health Benefits

Frutarom Health provides innovative and market-oriented ingredients geared to growing markets like slimming, cognitive health, cardiovascular health and many others.

New Launch

Product of the month

In need of some energy and vitality to get back to work after the summer break ? Think of our Finomate®, Green Mate extract, unique thanks to its standardization on 4 key components and described in several monographs for mental and physical tiredness, all you need for a fresh start at work!

Recent News

  • Coffee Gets Functional—Mediterranean Style
    Take a functional coffee break at Vitafoods! NutraT, next-generation instant drink powders boosted with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, will be launched in functional coffees developed by Mongibello, France, at Vitafoods, Geneva on May 9-11, booth No. B20. Mongibello launches a new line of functional coffees containing NutraT, a novel, Mediterranean ingredient line. The nutraceutical ...
  • Editorial for Vitafoods 2017
    Press the “refresh button” on Frutarom Health brings a selection of technologies that target today’s driving health concerns. Four new product groups make it easy for brands to find solutions to consumers’ unique wellness needs. Even better: Each product reflects Frutarom Health’s commitment to science, quality and innovation. Plant Branded: Frutarom Health built its reputation on quality, ...
  • Growing Recognition and Demand for HyperPure Ingredients
    Demand Surge for HyperPure Technology Based on Trust Wädenswill, Switzerland — Frutarom Health BU reports a surge in demand for its EFLA® HyperPure Line in the US market since the beginning of 2016. The unprecedented growth can be considered a result of diminishing consumer trust in supplements and the call for short ingredient lists. “We’ve received increased attention from US supplement ...
  • Frutarom Health Increases Phytopharmaceutical Capacity
    Frutarom Health BU reports it will strengthen focus on its phytopharmaceutical business in 2017. This follows the 2016 acquisition of Extrakt Chemie GmbH & Co.KG, in Stadhagen, near Hannover, Germany, and supports the rapid growth of its pure phytopharmaceutical line. The global size of the phytopharmaceutical market is estimated at €750-850 million, with 90% of the market concentrated ...
  • Research Suggests Purslane Extract Mimics Insulin
    Portusana® for Improved Glucose Uptake  A new study has confirmed the anti-diabetic properties of the purslane herb extract Portulaca oleracea L. The study examined the mode of action of selected substances with potential to mimic insulin activity. Researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels[1], led by Julian Weghuber, PhD, investigated extracts prepared from seven ...