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Product Summary

  • Artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus L.)
  • Natural support for digestion
  • Rich source of caffeoylquinic acids like chlorogenic acid and flavonoids
  • Improvement of blood lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Laxative effects and enhancement of bile acid production
  • Appetite suppressant and adipocyte differentiation inhibitor

Tradition and indication in traditional medicine

Artichoke has been used against impairment of digestion since roman times.
It was traditionally used in Europe as choleretic, diuretic, liver function and digestion stimulant.


Scientific evidence

Evidence from clinical trials confirm that artichoke leaf extract positively affects blood lipid profiles, as shown by the following findings: decreased total cholesterol, decreased low-density lipoprotein (LDL)- cholesterol, decreased total cholesterol/HDL ratio and decreased LDL/HDL ratio. Further cholesterol lowering effects were demonstrated for dietary supplement blends containing combinations of artichoke leaf extract with other active ingredients like red yeast rice and policosanols. Artichoke leaf extract additionally reduced glycometabolic parameters in overweight subjects with impaired fasting glycaemia.


Product information

Standardized on:
Cynarine-derivates: batch specific
Luteolin-7-glucoside: batch specific
Chlorogenic acid > 2% (m/m)
Type of extract
: Powder
Dosage: 500 – 1200 mg extract/day



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