About Frutarom Health


Years of experience have made Frutarom Health one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality health ingredients. Everything we do is backed by science and supported by the evidence that markets and regulators demand.

As a company that puts science first, we undertake proprietary studies to continually improve the efficacy and safety of our ingredients and to drive innovation. For example, our one-of-a-kind EFLA HyperPure process technology was born from our determination to ensure we produce ingredients with the highest possible levels of purity.

With our regulatory know-how, comprehensive market knowledge and global capabilities we can offer you high-quality application and formulation support.  This helps you – our customer – gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic health landscape.

We are a leading global manufacturer of high-quality health ingredients backed by science

Our new Health Portfolio

Frutarom Health offers a selection of technologies that keep pace with developments in health and wellness and help you find solutions to the unique needs of your consumers.  Even better – all our products reflect our commitment to quality, science, and innovation.

Explore the options in our four product groups:

  • Plant Branded: Frutarom Health built its reputation on high-quality, branded plant extracts, the safety, and efficacy of which are supported by proprietary science
  • Plant Standard: Our natural extracts are obtained from the highest quality plants using efficient technological processes which lock-in active ingredients
  • Bioscience: At Frutarom Health we understand that consumers now have access to unprecedented levels of information, which puts a premium on ingredients backed by science. That’s why we only offer minerals, vitamins, marine-derived compounds and unique ingredients that are supported by proprietary research, and that consumers can trust
  • Pharma: Pharmaceutical standards are set high and Frutarom Health’s pharma-grade herbal extracts meet them. Produced according to cGMP guidelines, they are key to helping brands build a sustainable natural Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) supply chain

Health Benefits

Bone & Joint Health
Cardiovascular Health
Cognitive Health
Digestive Health
Immune Health
Slimming & Detox
Urinary Health

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