Product Summary

  • Patented blend of bitter orange and olive leaf extracts
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Protection of the arteries against hardening
  • Efficacy and safety confirmed by proprietary studies


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Traditional Use

Citrus aurantium is one of the most common traditional. Chinese medicines, whereas Olea oleuropaea leaf was already used in ancient Egypt and Greece against hypertension and inflammation. CitrOlive™ provides synergistic health benefits of these 2 botanicals.


Natural Health Benefits

CitrOlive™ is the product of extensive research into the major phytochemicals, polyphenols and flavonoids that characterize citrus and olive and provide strong antioxidant activity. It delivers the phytonutrients of the Mediterranean diet in concentrated form.



One proprietary clinical study revealed a strong drop in triglycerides (-15%) and oxidized LDL levels (-38%), after 90 days among subjects taking CitrOlive™ versus those on placebo. CitrOlive™ released endothelial nitric oxide and prostacyclin, causing vascular relaxation.


Product information

Standardized on:
Oleuropeosides ≥ 18%
Flavonoids ≥ 12%
Type of extract
: Powder
Dosage: 400 mg extract/day



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