Product Summary

  • Highly bioavailable mineral forms
  • Readily soluble in small intestinal fluid for absorption
  • Superior quality
  • Reduce the possibility of gastrointestinal tract disturbance
  • Prevents vitamin oxidation

Biochemical function

Minerals are essential nutrients for many specific functions in our bodies’ metabolism. Sufficient amounts of minerals are needed for proper enzymatic activity and the functioning of all vital organs. Sufficient uptake of bioavailable mineral sources in our diet is crucial to our health. Minerals that are chemically bonded to amino acids are referred to as chelated minerals. In the case of bisglycinates, the mineral is surrounded by 2 molecules of glycine. This specific molecular structure gives the minerals some unique properties, including high stability and increased bioavailability.


Natural Health Benefits

The benefits of bisglycinates are not just limited to increased bioavailability of minerals. In addition they also reduce the possibilities of gastrointestinal tract disturbance, can prevent oxidation of other nutrients in the same matrix and have a high stability.


Manufacturing Process

Amino acid chelates, like bisglycinates, possess the properties of stability, protection and increased absorption. Only fully reacted material can offer these properties. The mineral chelates we offer are the result of a carefully monitored manufacturing process that leads to stable, fully bonded mineral chelates.

For Europe, according to EC regulation 1170/2009 Annex II,
mineral chelates for use in food supplements are allowed in
the form of bisglycinates.
Frutarom offers bisglycinates of:

Other mineral forms upon request.



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