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Soluble extract + natural flavor + sweetener* – ALL IN ONE

  • Contributes to provide the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet
  • Great taste and perfect stability once dissolved
  • Main applications: instant drinks, fruit juices, dairy products
  • Dosage: 5g per day in a drink/water (recommended shot minimum 250ml)


• Made with olive leaf extract
• ≥ 25% polyphenols in the extract (45 mg of polyphenols/serving)
• Effective support against “bad” cholesterol
• Helps to regulate your blood pressure


• Made with artichoke extract
• ≥5% polyphenols in the extract (25 mg of polyphenols/serving)
• Helps to regulate your cholesterol levels
• Diuretic action


• Made with grapefruit extract
• ≥45% citrus bioflavonoids in the extract (340 mg of flavonoids/serving)
• Effective protection for your blood vessels
• Supports peripheral circulation



• Made with lemon balm extract
• ≥5% rosmarinic acid in the extract (50 mg of rosmarinic acid/ serving)
• Helps to calm down
• Powerful antioxidant activity


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