Product summary

  • Soy germ ingredient rich in daidzein and other bioactive phytonutrients
  • Supports women’s health
  • GMO free and no harsh solvents are used
  • Pure soy germ without carrier or preservatives
  • High stability during processing
  • Efficacy and safety confirmed by proprietary studies


SoyLife® is a unique isoflavone ingredient manufactured exclusively from soy germ. Soy germ (rather than whole soy bean or the fermented by products of extraction) contains the highest natural level of isoflavones. In contrast to a whole soybean extract, a germ extract is rich in the isoflavone daidzein, considered one of the most active constituents in soy, which can be metabolized to equol. In addition, soy germs are a rich source of bioactive phytonutrients that work synergistically with the isoflavones to provide multiple health benefits. SoyLife® has been the leading isoflavone product for more than 15 years, contributing to the scientific understanding of the health benefits of soy isoflavones and the market success of our customers. SoyLife® opens up an array of new opportunities for inclusion in different segments such as: dietary supplements, functional food and cosmetic.


Natural Health Benefits

• Menopausal symptoms
• Bone health
• Skin Health



SoyLife® is the most researched, oustanding source of soy germ isoflavones available with over 35 proprietary studies.


Product information

Product name: SoyLife® 40%
Standardized on: >40% Isoflavones*
Type of extract: Powder

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Product name: SoyLife® EXTRA
Standardized on: >10% Isoflavones
Type of extract: Powder

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Product name: SoyLife® COMPLEX
Standardized on: >1,8% Isoflavones*
Type of extract: Powder

Dosage: 40-120 mg isoflavones/day

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