Product Summary

  • Valerian Extract (Valeriana officinalis L.)
  • Different qualities available for nutritional and herbal medicinal products
  • Strict raw material control and product release including control of pesticides, PAHs and other impurities
  • Absense of Valepotriates for nutritionals
  • Active Substance Master File available
  • Best known natural sleep aid
  • Suitable for children above 12 years


Valerian was described in ancient Greece as a treatment for insomnia and its therapeutic properties as sedative were defined during the 16th century. Today, valerian is the best known natural tranquilizer and it is widely used in Western herbal medicine as sleep aid and to reduce stress in general.


Natural Health Benefits

• Natural health solution for insomnia.
• Relaxing effects to avoid nervousness and stress.
• Not addictive.


Manufacturing and Properties

Manufactured under cGMP and NSF GMP.



Valerian is recommended by international organizations specializing in herbal medicine as ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy) to improve the temporary light stress and/or sleep disorders. Recent studies reveal a specific binding site on neuronal receptors as the fundamental target through which valerenic acid exerts its anxiolytic effect. In addition, they have shown the synergy of valerian with other plants such as lemon balm, passionflower and others with an effective anxiolytic effect.


Product information

Standardized on:
Valerenic acids (0.3%, 0.45%, 0.8%, and others)
Sesquiterpenic acids expressed as valerenic acid >0.4 % (850005)
Type of extract: Powder
Grades: Food (40251, 40451, 40051) Pharma (850005)
Dosage: 100 – 1200 mg


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