Pelargonium – African remedy for upper respiratory conditions


Pelargonium – African remedy for upper respiratory conditions

Over the past few months, immune health has become more important than ever. Consumers are looking for natural alternatives to support their immune system.

Pelargonium EFLA®956 is a clinically backed ingredient for formulations related to immune support. Pelargonium is a plant that grows wildly in South Africa and is well-known by indigenous tribes to support different conditions linked to immune health, such as aiding the upper respiratory tract. IFF Health takes the commonly recognized Pelargonium sidoides and manufactures Pelargonium EFLA®956 with high active content and zero excipients, in cGMP facilities.



Pelargonium extract is a traditional herbal preparation that has been used in subjects with common cold.
Use and safety are based upon a long history of use in folk and traditional medicine.
Pelargonium EFLA®956 proprietary studies show immunomodulatory effects: inhibition of LPS induced IL-8 release, no effect on the basal IL-8 level, inhibition of viral neuraminidase (A virus (H1N1)).

Proprietary pre-clinical studies

Pelargonium EFLA®956 Efficacy on immune response mechanisms

Main results are: inhibition of LPS induced IL-8 release. Apart from the anti-inflammatory effect this might result in an improvement of common cold symptoms because the severity of common cold is associated with higher IL-8 levels ; Inhibition of viral neuraminidase which is correlated with reduced infectivity of the influenza virus; Increased migration of neutrophils which might be associated with eradication of the disease

Antiviral effects of Pelargonium EFLA®956 and Echipower™

Echinacea and Pelargonium are both traditionally used to support the immune system.

Published scientific findings suggest anti-viral effects against human influenza as well as the common cold for both items separately1, 2, 3. In vitro studies were set-up in order to confirm the antiviral properties of Echipower™ and Pelargonium EFLA®956 (alone and as a 50:50 m/m blend), with Oseltamivir used as positive control.

All 3 ingredients showed dose-dependent strong inhibition of virus replication in some or all treatments. It appears that the extracts in the blend work in synergy to provide a similar (against cold) or even stronger (against flu viruses) effect.

This suggests that Pelargonium EFLA®956, Echipower® and an equal mix of both, at relatively low concentrations, could be expected to have both preventative and supportive activity against common cold and flu infections.

1 Timmer A et al., Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2008, Issue 3.
2 Linde K et al., Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006, Issue 1.
3 Fusco D. et al., Vaccine. 2010 May 21; 28(23): 3956–3962

Health Benefits

Bone & Joint Health
Cardiovascular Health
Cognitive Health
Digestive Health
Immune Health
Slimming & Detox
Urinary Health

Product of the Month

Pelargonium EFLA®956 is a unique, excipient free ingredient derived from Pelargonium sidoides. Proprietary studies have shown that Pelargonium EFLA®956 can support immunological activity, of which the safety is based upon a long history of use in folk and traditional medicine. Take the chance to formulate with low dosage Pelargonium EFLA®956.