We exhibited at Vitafoods Europe 2018


Frutarom Health exhibited at Vitafoods Europe that took place in May 15-17, 2018 in Geneva.
This year showcased four key health benefits platforms that provide unique natural wellness solutions to consumers:

We also focused on two new products that joined our vast range of Natural Health solutions:


A microencapsulated iron solution for effective and tasteless fortification

Sharp • PS®
A natural nutrient for body and mind


And if visitors wanted to taste some of our healthy ingredients in action they could try our healthy drinks formulas with NovaSOL® Curcumin and Neuravena® or a yummy gummy Sharp•PS® and tasty true-fruit snack with Echishield®.

Health Benefits

Bone & Joint Health
Cardiovascular Health
Cognitive Health
Digestive Health
Immune Health
Slimming & Detox
Urinary Health

Product of the Month

Pelargonium EFLA®956 is a unique, excipient free ingredient derived from Pelargonium sidoides. Proprietary studies have shown that Pelargonium EFLA®956 can support immunological activity, of which the safety is based upon a long history of use in folk and traditional medicine. Take the chance to formulate with low dosage Pelargonium EFLA®956.